Friday, March 30, 2012

Yasiu’s Birthday.

Yevgenya came back from her first class in poor condition—she badly needed to go to the bathroom, she was very hungry, she was severely fun-deprived, and there was a plaintive message on her voicemail from her younger brother.


She grabbed a bowl of whatever the cafeteria worker had prepared downstairs,


and ate by herself. ‘I really need to make some friends,’ she thought.


She headed to Loungarama Leisureland, and met someone in a llama jacket outside.


Once inside, she spied a piano and, since she needed a Creativity point for class, she sat down to play.


When she’d gotten the needed point, she wandered through the venue, and showed some interest in Chazz Whippler, who’d just walked past her.


So, she went over to talk to him.


He shared most of her interests,


including Cuisine and Fitness.


But as soon as Chazz walked away, Genya decided that Sabastian Wendlund was hot.


Unfortunately, he was on his way out, and left before she could talk to him. She met another person in a llama jacket, and played pool with her for a while.


She introduced herself to a couple of other girls (‘Hey, you never know—I might meet the right girl for Yed for when he comes here next year!',’ she thought).


By the time she got back to the dorm, it was too late to call Yasiu. ‘I’ll do it tomorrow,’ she promised herself. ‘That’ll be Yosh’s birthday, anyway.’



The twins had left the studio pretty late for a school night, and it was a good thing they’d both already done their homework, because they both could do nothing more at that point than collapse into bed—Yedrek in the room he shared with his young brother,


and Yanastasia in the room she now had all to herself,


which her parents had redecorated for her.



After Derek had left for the hospital and the kids had left for school the next morning, Yulia set up for her younger son’s birthday in the front yard.


Because she knew from experience that her customers would be playing with the party equipment all day long, she decided to open the buffet early, too.



While the family was assembled later, and waiting for Yasiu to come downstairs, the home venue reached Rank 9.


Yasiu blew out his candles,


and grew up.


“So, Yosh,” Derek asked his younger son. “Any idea what you want to do with your life?”

“I think I’d like to do something in science,” the teen responded. “Like you, Dad!”



Don’t know why Genya came back from her first class in such bad shape—she used to spend the day at private school (away from snapdragons) and always had better motives than this when she came home (if I remember correctly). Maybe private school is less exhausting than college?

Yeah, ummm, don’t know about Chazz Whippler—doesn’t look like good genetics. (Readers of the previous blog made fun of Derek’s jawline, but I had faith in him, and he’s produced some good-looking kids!)

I’m starting to detect a little bit of Family Sim in Genya—consider her wish to keep her siblings together at Uni (including her arrogant younger sister), and her getting to know some girls in case any of them might be good to introduce to Yed next year. (And Family is her dad’s second aspiration). I think Sims tend to write themselves, and all you have to do is pay attention!

Again, “Yasiu” is pronounced “Yah-shoo”—hence the nickname “Yosh.” (It’s a Polish thing!)

Too funny how no one in the family is paying attention to Yosh growing up! And here I went to the trouble of having them all sit at a table and wait for him….

Thursday, March 29, 2012

College, and Yed’s Fitness Studio.

The home venue reached Rank 8 overnight.


This was happy news to Yulia, who was having trouble sleeping after the discussion she and Derek had had with Yevgenya, and had gone outside to stargaze.



When Genya got up the next morning, she studied Cleaning a bit more and was able to get an additional scholarship.


She played chess with Yedrek before he had to go to school. “So, “ he asked, “are you really leaving for college today?”


“Yup,” she said. “And I need you to run the studio, if that’s okay. I’m NOT letting Yana run it.”


When Yed was leaving for school, Genya caught him in the downstairs hall.


“Wow, sis!,” he exclaimed. “The studio, AND your car???”


“Yeah, I don’t need a car at college, anyway, and you’ll need some way to get Her Highness to the studio,” Genya said, with her back-to-normal good-humor. “It’s not like she’s going to walk there!”

Yed, Yanastasia, and Yasiu went off to school, and Yulia and Derek discussed who would take Genya to college.

“I wish I could, hon’,” Derek apologized, “but there’s an emergency at the hospital and I have to go in.”


“It’s fine, honey,” Yulia answered. “It’ll be less dramatic if I take her, anyway. Unlike you, I can be counted on not to cry!,” she teased.



Genya had decided to attend l’Academie Le Tour. Despite her oft expressed disdain for her younger sister, she realized that l’Academie was probably the only school that Yana would remotely consider for dance, which meant that Yed would certainly enroll there with his twin, and Genya wanted all her siblings together at school if she could manage it. “It’s a great school, and it’s not like I have any idea what I want to do, anyway,” she sighed.

For her dorm, she had picked Mille House, which had larger rooms than most of the other campus housing.


Yulia drove her daughter to campus and dropped her off in front of her dorm.


But Yulia was wrong—she DID cry.


Genya found a reasonably spacious room on the 2nd floor,


claimed the door and locked it,


and furnished her new room with the nice things she had bought from her profits from her dance/exercise studio (including snapdragons hovering just outside).


She sat down to do her first term paper,


and, having finished it, went to her first class at 3 p.m.



Meanwhile, back at home, Yed and Yana had returned from school.


They did their homework,


then changed and headed for the studio, which was now renamed “Yedrek’s Fitness Studio.”

“What the heck is THAT?,” Yed asked his twin, looking at her attire. “Are those shoes even good for outdoors??? We’ve got to walk to the car, you know,” he added, drolly.


They proceeded to the venue, where Yana resumed her usual workout (in her new ballet dress and satin shoes),


and Yed proudly opened his own venue.


Although, because the lot ownership had changed, the studio had gone back to Rank 0, customers started to trickle in,


and, by late evening, the studio had reached Rank 3.


Yed and Yana went home for the night.



I really screwed up the transfer of the studio from Genya to Yed! I had her gift the deed to him, forgetting that that doesn’t constitute transfer of lot ownership (and I’m a lawyer, so I should have remembered this!) for Sims 2 purposes. When Yed and Yana tried to go to the lot after school, it didn’t show as owned by the family. Yed went to the phone and tried to “Purchase Community Lot,” but hung up quickly before any interaction menus showed. The same thing happened with Yulia! I thought the custom phone might be jinxed, so had Yed use a different phone. Same problem! I opened Uni and had Genya sell back the lot to the community. Same problem. I wondered if my recent custom content imports (pretty ballerina dresses for Yana) might have caused the problem, so moved that folder out to the desktop. Same problem. I went to Komei’s apartment, and he was able to buy a community lot. So, it’s apparently a problem with the home lot. I had to have Yed move out of his family’s house, and move in with Komei (hey, they’re buds, anyway!), just to enable Yed to buy the studio.

“Hey, dude, what’s up?,” asked Komei, surprised.

“Nothin’,” replied Yed. “Just need to use your phone.”


Then Yed moved back in with his family.

The pic of Yulia crying over Genya’s shoulder outside of the dorm is a hoot! You never know what you’re going to get when you try to snap a pic of a “cinematic.”