Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Twins, College, and Permaplat (but not for Yulia).

Previously, on the afternoon of Yasiu’s birthday, Yedrek and Yanastasia were again leaving for the studio. “Good grief!,” teased Yed. “You’ve got that same dress and shoes in ANOTHER COLOR?”


Yana barely looked up from her practicing. “Wow, and look at YOU, Twin!,” she said sarcastically, noticing the Adidas logo on his shirt. “A product endorsement?--and you’re not even a real athlete!”

“Yet!,” he retorted.

They went to the studio, where Yana resumed her usual workout,


and Yed did a lot of weeding at the extravagantly planted venue.


Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Yana slipping into a tent, and called to her, “Hey—I could use some help here!”

“Maybe later,” she called over her shoulder. “I need a nap.”



When Yana got up, she felt a bit guilty, so half-heartedly trimmed a few bushes. ‘I sure hope no one who knows me—and whose opinion I actually CARE about—sees me,’ she thought, disregarding regular customer Joe Carr as not worthy of her interest.


Despite Yana’s lack of customer appreciation, the studio reached Rank 4, at which point the teens went home for Yosh’s birthday.



Early morning after Yosh’s birthday, Yevgenya awoke and went down to the dining hall to do her assignment. The guy in the llama jacket she’d met last evening, Bruce Rusewicz, was there, chatting up another student.


‘That guy sure gets around,’ she mused.

After finishing her assignment, she headed out to find some place to practice piano and work on Creativity.


Rather than return to Loungarama Leisureland, the atmosphere of which she found a bit boisterous, she decided to try King’s Music Hall.


Just outside, she saw Daniel Parmeley, a boy she recognized from her “Survey of Everything” class.


But before she could talk to him, Bruce Rusewicz headed her off.

“I see you everywhere!,” Genya remarked. “Do you ever sleep?”

“I’ve got a lot of people to meet, and not nearly enough time!,” the boy said, somewhat mysteriously.


Once inside, she sought out Daniel. “Hi!,” she said. “I think you’re in my survey class, right?”


“Yeah,” he answered. “I actually sat behind you today. I noticed you were blogging about food before class started.”

“Are you interested in cuisine,” she asked hopefully.

“Not at all—I eat only to stay alive.”

Genya quickly switched topics, and tried to talk to Daniel about fitness, and then about music and dance, but it turned out he was not interested in those hobbies, either.

‘Oh, well,’ Genya thought, resigned. She turned around and saw another girl in a llama jacket, so greeted her. Her name was Elle Wolosenko, and not only did she share Genya’s interest in cuisine, she was also a Fortune Sim, and had a LTW of owning 5 Top-Level Businesses.


“Oh!,” Genya exclaimed. “You should meet my mother—she’s only a few stars away from getting her OWN 5th Top-Level Business!”

The two girls talked for a while, then Genya went to practice piano. As soon as she’d gotten another Creativity point, she went back to her dorm.


She was fairly hungry and, after assessing the not very nutritious snacks that were available in the dining hall’s fridge, she decided to make a good breakfast for herself. And for whoever else happened by.


She was joined for breakfast by JJ Huffman, a Popularity Sim who wanted a career in Journalism. ‘Gee—everybody seems to know what they want to do except me!,’ she thought.


By the time she finished breakfast it was 7 a.m., so she tried calling Yosh.

“Hey, little one!,” she cried, happy to hear her younger brother’s voice. “Though I guess you’re not so little anymore, huh?”


Yosh told her all about his birthday party, which Genya was very sorry to have missed.

“It’s okay, Sis,” he said, good naturedly. “I know you just started at Uni, and you must be overwhelmed.”

The siblings hung up a few minutes later, and Genya found herself wondering why both her brothers were so normal and her sister was such a drip.


After he hung up with Genya, Yosh looked for any scholarships he might be eligible for,


and was excited to get three.




Yana—who had an “interim” LTW of earning $100K—reached permaplat status before she left for school on Wednesday.



When the three teens got home from school several hours later, Yed brought home a really cute girl.


Unfortunately, they had negative chemistry,


but at least Yed realized his own interim LTW of earning $100K.


Thrilled that his younger son was interested in a science career, Derek had gotten the boy a Surgical Training Station.


Yosh loved the present, and immediately set about practicing surgery (if carelessly).

Yed was occupied with his friend from school, and Yana had less than zero interest in running the studio without him (‘Too much like work!,’ in her opinion), so she took advantage of her new permaplat status to use a thinking cap to get her Creativity to Level 8,


and so to merit another scholarship.


When Derek came home from the hospital, he helped Yosh with his technique.


When Yed’s schoolmate left, he figured it was too late to go to the studio, so donned a thinking cap and worked on his Charisma,


and also merited another scholarship.


Later in the evening, Yana maxed out her enthusiasm for Music and Dance, quickly changed into an evening gown, and resumed playing piano.


‘I RULE!,” she announced aloud gleefully, though no one was nearby to hear her.



I think it’s safe to say that Yana will not be running a business in the future….

Oh my word, that Bruce Rusewicz guy is unattractive! Anyone who’s doing an Uglacy—don’t overlook HIM!!!

I figure I’ll show how much trouble Genya goes through to find a nice guy, because that’s real life. Grayson Kimbrell went to Uni with her, but he must be off doing his own thing because she hasn’t run into him. And Genya doesn’t know herself yet, so she can hardly know what romantically she’s looking for. The Sim she hit it off most with so far is Elle Wolosenko (and Genya’s not gay).

Anybody else notice JJ Huffman was nearly invisible??? WTF??? Are there student ghosts???

Dang!—how did Yosh get the Footwork award? I don’t remember ever even seeing him at the ballet barre!

My brilliant idea of a week ago was to have teens have an initial, “interim” LTW of “Earn $100K.” I think it’s the easiest LTW to satisfy anyway—I’ve done it with a CAS Adult in as little as just under 5 days (my latest Sim contestant achieved it very early on a Saturday morning), and it’s effortless for teens with one or more entrepreneurial parents. (That is, not 2 salaried parents, but at least one with some self-employed business sense). Keep this in mind, folks, for when you really want the gypsy to show up with the genie lamp, but she doesn’t….

Gosh—I had high hopes for that girl that Yed brought home from school—EXCELLENT genetics! Too bad he hates her….

I’ve never before noticed a Sim autonomously change into formal wear when maxing hobby interest in Music and Dance via piano! (I know it doesn’t happen via the ballet barre—the dancer keeps wearing her gym clothes.)


  1. Yeah, I love that changing into the formal bit. heh. I agree...I have had Sims win the Tsang Footwork Award and never saw them dance of hit the barre. I wonder if it is a fluke? You are weaving Uni and the hood nicely.

  2. It's going great, 2 more permaplat's in the house, and that's before college!
    Invisible Sims are pretty common in the dorms but it's always funny to see a sim interact with them.
    Yeah, that guy would be a good Uglacy sim (he's called something else in my game- I think most townie/dormies have a unique name in each person's game).
    Never seen that with the piano- I guess I don't have enough Grand pianos- must change that!
    What is Genya going to do with her life? Can't wait to find out!

  3. I always thought the Footwork award was for dancing, like at a stereo. My kiddos get it all the time and I don't have barres in most of their houses. :-/

    The transparent dormie isn't a ghost- the game glitched him when he was going into his room, or he went in and came out very quickly so the dorm still reads him as being in his room when he isn't. He should be better next time he goes off campus or spends the evening in his room.

    I LOVE it when my Sims change to their formal wear when they play- I think they do it with the violin, too.