Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The New Home.

The young family moved into their new home,


which had 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a nice-sized kitchen, and a small front room.


Yulia fed Yevgenya,


and put her down in the nursery,


while Derek made omelets for himself and his wife before leaving for work.


“What are you going to do today?” he asked, smiling. “Something calming like recreating the universe?”


“Well, I DO have to put up a venue here,” she answered. “Something that will run itself while we’re taking care of other things.”

Yulia decided to build a sporting venue, with a soccer field, a basketball court,


and 2 bowling alleys.


She also found time to spruce up the house a bit,





which left her with less than $6,000.


She opened the new venue mid-afternoon,


and was chatting with some of her customers when she received a message that Yevgenya’s birthday was only a day away. ‘That’s odd,’ she thought. ‘Seems like only this morning she was born!’


Yevgenya was a quiet baby,


content to play with her toys and sleep all day,


meaning that, once Yulia had assured herself that her new venue was running smoothly, she could take time off to study Cooking (another element in her “master plan”). She was in Green aspiration, though, and didn’t want to chance the Thinking Cap. ‘At least it’s Fall, now,’ she thought, ‘so I’ll learn a bit faster anyway.’


Derek came home having been promoted to Chief of Staff, thereby achieving his LTW.


“Derek, I’m SOOOOO proud of you!” Yulia squealed, as the new butler looked on. (Venkat had declined to remain in the family’s service.)


She told her husband about Yevgenya’s impending birthday, so Derek went to get the baby,


and the family celebrated early.


Derek went off to the bedroom and, after a quick makeover of her daughter, Yulia—who was now in a platinum mood—made smart milk and fed the child,



then began potty-training her.


She left the little girl happily playing with the bunny,


and joined her husband in the bedroom.

“Why did you decide on a sports venue?” Derek wondered.


“I figure Yevgenya will need playmates,” Yulia reasoned, “and she’ll be bringing friends over, and I thought a sports venue would offer kids something fun and healthy to do.”

Derek looked at her slyly. “There are OTHER ways to get our daughter playmates, you know….”



NOTES FROM THE AUTHOR: I don’t know why Yevgenya aged up so fast. She was born Wednesday about 8:30 a.m., the family moved out of the 1st house early Wednesday evening, the game of course decided it was Monday 8 a.m. when they moved into their new house (is there anyway to change this???), and at 6 p.m. Monday Yulia got the message that the child’s birthday was only a day away….


  1. The game may have been reading Monday as being five days later, which would have made Yevgenya late for her birthday. But since it has to give you a day's notice, it set her birthday for Tuesday.

    As for changing the date, I don't know of anything that will stick. I've used the Temporal Adjuster from the Insimenator, but after midnight, the game forces it back to the coded day, rather than the one I set. So if I need to move a family, I wait until the following Monday. :(

  2. Hi, I've had good luck using Lot Sync Timer from Maty. I can be used to change the day of the week for the lot (among other things). Just make sure you read the instructions. I use it with UN/NL, but there are version for all sims 2 expansions.


    1. can't edit. UGH! sorry, should be "It can be used to change..."

  3. There is a built in game cheat that lets you change the time, but you can only change 24 hrs at a time. I have used it before when I was forced to move my family in the middle of the week. The cheat escapes me right now what it is. The game has been put to bed for the evening, now it is time to put myself to bed! :)

  4. Yikes! None of these sound like they're going to work for Yulia, because whenever the new home sports venue gets to Rank 10, the family HAS to move out immediately, because my goal (as opposed to Yulia's goal) is to get her 5TLB as soon as possible. And the current lot is just TOO small for the family she and Derek will eventually have (just because I want to make the task more difficult for ME).

  5. Hi again. Had to look up the Lot sync timer info again because I lost my notes.

    Never used it as a lot sync timer (don't understand how), but I do use the "Time Warp" option. This gives you the ability to change the day of the week on the lot the timer is placed.

    Link to instruction on how to use it:

    It does not work on UN lots.