Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mr. Right.

Just after midnight on Friday morning, Yulia figured that—since she was platinum—she might as well don her Thinking Cap and resume improving her Charisma skill.


Just before 4 a.m. she reached Charisma Level 8, and decided to take a break and check on her venue. Only Melissa Fancey was at a card table, but there was a new customer out at the ticket machine.


He was a young doctor named Derek who had just started an internship at the local hospital,


and he had the undivided attention of every woman there.


Including Yulia.

But, because she didn’t want to annoy her female customers, Yulia excused herself to go have something to eat.


She came back later when Derek had left the table,


and very much enjoyed chatting with him.


She suggested they hang out, and Yulia was just settling herself comfortably on the floor when Marie Rauscher made a beeline for the young doctor.


Once again Yulia—who was very polite, and very circumspect—decided not to compete for attention, and took a seat.


But she wasn’t terribly happy about it.


Derek eventually came to join her, but unfortunately so did Marie.


After a while, Marie’s peals of laughter at every single thing Derek said started to annoy Yulia, and she got up to greet a new customer, Christian Love.


Yulia was delighted to find that Christian had a Gold Flower Arranging badge—Yulia had been looking for such a person for several days. Unfortunately, Christian left before Yulia could hire him.

And then Yulia realized that the young doctor had left.

She felt a twinge of disappointment at this—which surprised her—but, since she was still in a platinum mood, she decided to resume working on her Charisma.


She had to take time out to unclog the venue’s toilet. “Just as well the cute doctor isn’t still here, then,” she thought.


“Oh, well, at least I got a Mechanical point,” she figured, pragmatically.


But, before she took a nap, she decided to give Derek a call.


They talked for quite a while and, just when they hung up, Yulia’s venue reached Level 5,


and she took the final Cash Biz Perk,


which brought in $50,000!!!


“I probably have more money than that young doctor, anyway,” Yulia thought, then immediately regretted her snippiness.

“Okay, it’s time to take the plunge and buy my first community lot,” she decided.



She bought a small, empty lot a few streets away from her home venue.


She invited Derek over


(and she elected to get dressed before he showed up)


and they were able to spend some time together.


While they were hanging out, lightning struck one of Yulia’s new expensive sculptures, which burst into flame.


But because Yulia had had the foresight to install a fire alarm on the outside of her house, the fire department sped to the scene,


and Yulia and Derek never even noticed the conflagration.


And Derek developed two customer loyalty stars!

Derek was new to the neighborhood, and mentioned that he’d been wanting to check out a local dance club that some of his fellow interns had recommended.

“Yes, I’ve heard from some of my customers that it’s a fun place,” said Yulia. “Want to go?”


Derek laughed. “You mean now?”

“Oh, no, I meant … whenever you have time,” Yulia stammered. “You must be so busy. Not to mention tired.”

“Actually, I feel pretty good,” he smiled. “And I’m off work tomorrow so, sure, let’s go! That is, if you can leave your business for a few hours.”

“It’ll be fine,” Yulia assured him. “At this point, it’s sort of running itself, just ticking along merrily.”

“Should I call us a cab?” Derek offered.

“No, I have a car,” Yulia replied. “It’s a crappy car, but it’ll get us there!” she laughed.


They drove to the Lulu Lounge and parked out front.


They really liked each other.


They danced all night,


and Yulia’s attraction to Derek only got stronger.


By dawn, they were both starved, so went to Red’s Diner for some breakfast (after Derek stopped by the hospital to get a change of clothes).


It had been a wonderful evening.




I had a tough time making this date happen! After they hung out, I had Yulia ask Derek on a date. He accepted, but the date started right there in the home venue. Yulia had already established that she wasn’t about to flirt with someone on her lot (one, it’s unprofessional, and two, it would tick off her female customers). I had thought there’d be an option for a date on a community lot, but there wasn’t. Then I realized I hadn’t added a Downtown neighborhood. Did that, had her ask him again, and STILL the date started at the home venue. All I wanted was to get them into her car! So, I had her ask him on an outing, which at least allowed them to get into her car and leave the lot. Once at Lulu Lounge, I had her ask him on a date. Derek thanked her for the outing—which hadn’t really happened, unless you consider the ride from her house to the Lounge an outing!—and the date finally started. Not sure why I had so much trouble—I guess I’ve forgotten how to do this!

At this point (early Saturday morning), Yulia is again in a platinum mood (no surprise there), has cash of $74,049,


a net worth of $118,678,


8 Charisma points and 1 Mechanical point,


44,650 aspiration points,


and a lot for a second venue.


And a fella!

The back story:


  1. Good deal, looks like Yulia is moving right along, got a successful business, got a second business, got a little cash and a man in a professional position.

  2. And he's the love of her life! (I know you're a romantic deep down.) I set her turn-ons to Logical blonds, and his to Charismatic dark brunettes....

  3. You can start a date on the home lot then just "Go Somewhere" in the car. It will ask you if you want them both to go, and the date continues when they get where they're going. It's just like going to a different community lot during the date.