Sunday, February 26, 2012

Planned, and Unplanned.

Yulia had to get up in the middle of the night (very early Saturday morning) because of a stinky green snapdragon outside Yanastasia’s crib. She got rid of the bouquet, changed the baby’s diaper, put her back in her crib, then went back to bed herself.


‘Why am I always so tired?’ she asked herself.

Derek and Yevgenya got up before dawn and smustled with some customers (in their pajamas, which was not the best idea, because winter had just begun).


When she got up, Yulia resumed making multiple dishes of macaroni and cheese. “Honey?” Derek had asked her the day before. “Why are there several dozen mac and cheese entrees in our freezer?” She had responded, “It’s part of the plan for my next venue, which is still in the planning phase.”


When the butler arrived for the day, he made cereal for the customers and set it outside on the picnic table in the snow.


Derek helped his daughter learn to bowl. “Is that your ‘game face,’ cupcake?” he asked her.


In an effort to get more stars for the home sports venue, Derek invited over his friends Daisy and Sophie,


and Yevgenya invited over her school buddy, Whitney,


and enjoyed a snowball fight with her. The venue was very crowded;


Yulia had also invited over all of her employees,


but found herself too tired to socialize with them. ‘Why am I always so tired?’ she asked herself.


She went back to bed.

While his wife napped, Derek went into the kitchen and made several single plates of macaroni and cheese. Since Derek had been a Level 10 cook since he was a teen, he could make mac and cheese with his eyes closed. And whatever Yulia’s new “plan” was, he wanted to help.


Yulia installed a second stove in their kitchen so that she and Derek could cook at the same time.


They took a break to celebrate the twins’ birthday.


“Wow,” said Derek, “it seems like only yesterday that our little bundles of joy came into this world.”

“It WAS only yesterday!” Yulia retorted.

Again, the couple invited the venue’s customers to celebrate with the family.




Exhausted again, Yulia hauled her toddler daughter out of the snow, dressed her for bed, and put her in her crib. “Goodnight, my little Yana. Try not to get lost in a snowbank, okay?”


She kissed her son on the forehead. “Goodnight, Yed. Sweet dreams.”


And, yes, Yulia was pregnant again.


Climbing into bed next to her sleeping husband, Yulia thought about her dream of having 5 top-level businesses. She had achieved only one so far, yet to her considerable surprise she had three young children, and another one on the way.


‘But they’re sweet kids, so far at least,’ she thought. ‘And maybe they’ll be a help in the next venue.’



Just after Yulia fell asleep herself, her home venue reached Rank 6. She was too tired to take a perk….




I was really pleased how many people were at the home sports venue—there were way more than the 8 non-resident Sims I thought the game allowed. You can see 9 non-resident Sims in the snowball fight picture (plus Yulia, Derek, and Yevgenya), and I think there were at least a couple more in the bowling alley at the same time.

I have never understood Influence, and still don’t. Yulia has tons of influence points, and when the home sports venue was really busy Saturday, and filled with so many happy people, Neil Cameron was sending off green fumes, so I had Yulia Influence him to Bathe. He got mad at her and Complained. Sure, she doesn’t have a bathtub for him to use, but she does have the shower that’s attached to the bowling alley. Anyone got any ideas what went wrong?

I think it’s so funny that toddlers crawl through the snow with just their heads visible:


And YET AGAIN the baby phase lasted only 2 days! The twins were born Friday at 5 a.m., and the notice that their birthday was one day away came at 6 p.m. Saturday. Since it’s my policy always to grow up kids a day early, I went with it (although my principal reason for Yulia having so many children so soon—so that, as teens, they could help out in the next community venue—is less important now, because I’ve gotten better at employees this time around! I guess my game is glitched (I never have “Try for Baby”, either; only “Woo-Hoo,” and have to use that topiary thingy to get Yulia knocked up).


  1. The game counts a new day as starting at 6:01 PM (and the end of the previous day at the same time). That's why your Sims age at 6 PM. So since the twins were born at 5 PM, they became a day older at 6, even though they were only an hour old. That's why their baby-hood only lasted two days as opposed to three.

    Do you have ACR in your game? You have to turn the "Try for Baby" dialog on, if you do.

  2. The twins were born at 5 in the morning Friday, but I get your point--that they became 2 days old at 6 p.m. Friday, and 3 days old at 6 p.m. Saturday, meaning that they would grow up automatically at 6 p.m. Sunday if I had waited. Thanks for explaining that! I thought they might be aging quickly because I have their cribs surrounded by snapdragons all the time....

    What's "ACR"?

  3. Okay, I just looked up "ACR", and found out that it's "Autonomous Casual Romance." I do NOT have that, but I note it's from Simbology, and I DO have Simbology's Sim Blender. But I don't see any setting of the latter that relates to turning "Try for Baby" on or off. Is there something I'm missing?

  4. The Sim Blender doesn't have any sort of auto "Try for Baby" thing on it that I'm aware of. Do you have Risky Woohoo or InTeen or anything like that installed? Or are you deliberately getting her pregnant with the Sim Blender via it's "Make Me Pregnant" option?

    I've no idea about the babies aging so fast. Most of the time I have a hard time getting my babies to grow up on time, let alone early. An adult will get the "help with birthday" action in the queue, will pick the baby up, then it just goes away and they just stand there holding it. Many times I have to use a cake, and sometimes even the cake doesn't work right away. Annoying.

  5. I don't have Risky WooHoo; I DO have Inteen. I got it 3 years ago, I think because I was trying to get Meadow and Orlando pregnant while they were at Uni. Is there a "Try for Baby off" in Inteen somewhere?

  6. InTeen does have a random chance of pregnancy from regular woohoo as part of it's basic functions. You can control this by putting the woman on birth control. I think you have to click them and spawn their biological controller first, then use it to put them on birth control. The controller has to stay spawned (looks like a clock) but can be placed in the woman's inventory to hide it away. There is still a small chance of preganancy, as with real birth control, but there is a flavor pack you can add that takes the chances down to 0% with birth control if you want it that way.

  7. I was wondering why Yulia and Derek were having so many pregnancies! Good idea!