Monday, February 13, 2012

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day….

yulia bird

Yulia awoke on a lovely spring morning, apparently in the middle of nowhere.


“What the heck???” she wondered. As far as she could see, there was—nothing. Except a mailbox and a trashcan.


Even worse, a quick check of her vital statistics proved alarming:




“What the heck???” she repeated, her head reeling. “I’m not a doctor? I don’t have any skills?? And what happened to my Gold Sales Badge? AND I DON’T EVEN KNOW ANYONE?!?!?!?”


Panicked, she looked at her left hand.


There was no engagement ring.

But just as suddenly as Yulia had thought to look at her hand, she forgot why she had. And she also suddenly forgot that she had ever been a doctor, and that she had gone to University.

All she had was an overwhelming need to have Five Top-Level Businesses,


and some basic needs to satisfy.


“Guess I need a bathroom, sooner rather than later,” she figured.


Yulia quickly built a small dwelling that would fulfill her needs,


and that included a small game room with a card table and a radio. She immediately went to the phone to start a home business,



then went outside to set the price of the business


and to start charging customers.


She also locked the door from the gaming room to her private quarters, and then went online to see if there were any employees worth hiring.


Someone named Shelby Barrett had both a Gold Restocking Badge and a Bronze Register Badge. Yulia decided to hire Shelby, even if she currently didn’t have any work for her to do.

For the time being, Yulia decided to let the home venue run itself, and turned her attention to her own needs. Since she had no stove, she made a platter of sandwiches, figuring that—since she owned a fridge that would take leftovers—it would be a good use of her time to “Serve Lunch” and “Put Away Leftovers”, thereby having food available in the future when she might be too busy to cook.


Then, since her Social was low, she did “Basic Sell” on some customers who were considering entering her venue,


and played cards with them.


She rolled several Fortune-Sim inexpensive buying wants—paintings and sculptures and rugs, a couple ceiling fans, an easel, a couple armchairs—plus wants to gain a Charisma point, and to get a job in the Business career, which she lucked into via the computer. She installed the ceiling fans, but stashed the easel and (tacky) armchairs and rugs in her inventory, so they wouldn’t clutter her lot, and went to sleep.


She woke up a few hours later, got a couple more Charisma points, played cards with her customers, and did a bit more selling.


NOTES FROM THE AUTHOR: At the end of her first day, Yulia has $4,998 in available cash (and is in Gold aspiration),


her net worth is $18,950,


she has 3 Charisma points,


and she has 9,250 Aspiration Reward points, and even a few relationships.



Things to spend money on:

the best bed (and it’s a double bed, even if there’s no one to share it at this point)

a fridge that will take leftovers

the cheapest dining chair with the most comfort

Things not to spend money on:

a stove

a real counter

Biz stuff:

Start a home venue right away, which will allow you to try to hire employees. And check every day for new employees--you don’t have to pay them unless you call them into work. (Store them up for when you have a retail biz in the future.) Look for people with skills at or approaching 5 points (a Gold badge is worth 3 points, a Silver 2 points, a Bronze 1 point), because you can make employees with 5 points Managers, which means you will be able to monitor their needs and control them at work. And retail venues can have more than one manager! Also, look for someone with a Gold Sales badge in Flower Arranging, since Snapdragon Bouquets are crucial for venue success.

Setting the price of the home biz to “Ridiculously Cheap” will gain customer stars much faster than a more expensive biz would. Gaining customer stars will get you Business Perks, the first of which you should take are the Cash rewards, which will more than make up for the “Ridiculously Cheap” venue pricing.

The back story:

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