Thursday, March 8, 2012

Resto Opening— Part 2.

The faucet next to Marisa was spraying water all over the kitchen,


and Komei—who had a Mechanical skill of only 2—attempted to fix it (probably to try to impress Marisa, who he had just decided was hot). Marisa, a new and easily spooked sous-chef, had been so unnerved by the spouting water that she had uncharacteristically burned her mac and cheese.


After 2 attempts, Komei (to his embarrassment) was unable to fix the faucet, and Derek (with a Mechanical skill of 10) had to stop cooking to come over and do the repair.


Bruce, whom Troy had sent home the day before, showed up at work without being called in, and resumed his register duties without being asked.


Unfortunately, Yulia had spent so much money building the restaurant that she was soon in serious danger of not being able to pay her employees:


So she set up a separate display with take-out food priced at $9,999, and quickly sold one to each of Leo, Brandon, and Melissa.


Shelby earned a Bronze badge in Sales. (Yulia didn’t give her a raise, because Shelby was already seriously overpaid.)


The resto reached Rank 5.


Yulia told Marisa to take a break, and the young woman got into the same tent that Komei was sleeping in.


Poor Genya started sneezing her head off—she had dealt with so many roaches caused by the Evil Witch that she had become ill,


and her dad took a few minutes out of his chef duties to make Grandma’s Comfort Soup for her. Yulia temporarily filled in at the chef’s station.


Genya told Bruce to take a break. Shelby took over the register, and Yulia replaced her at the podium.


As was the case previously, though, Bruce did not go into a tent to take a nap. Instead, he started getting into arguments with customers.


Genya had no choice but to send him home for the day. ‘Management is a tough job,” she said to herself.

Komei got up from his nap, told Rodney to take a break, and took over restocking.


But Rodney wasn’t that tired, and was just hanging around, so Yulia put him on the podium (hoping he could earn a Bronze badge in Sales, at which point he would have 5 badge points and she would be able to promote him to Manager).


Yulia sent Shelby (who was still in Gold aspiration) to use the Energizer, and Yulia took over at the register.

Genya was getting tired, and couldn’t risk using the Energizer, so she worked as a Server for a short while before taking a break so that Troy (who was currently working as a Server) could use the Energizer as soon as Shelby was done with it.


After he used the Energizer, Troy went back to work as a Server, and Genya went to take a nap in one of the tents.


“Any guy who goes near that tent is a dead man!,” Derek announced sternly, and he meant it.

Rodney was gaining some Sales talent at the podium, but he was again in orange, so Yulia made him take a break.


For the first time, Rodney actually went to a tent to take a nap, so Yulia didn’t have to send him home for the day.


Yulia went to use the Energizer, and the resto reached Rank 6.


Soon thereafter, though, she got the unwelcome news that she was out of mac and cheese entrees in her inventory.


Yulia had to think for a minute whether to close her restaurant for the day, or to keep steaming ahead….




Re the “Greet”/Show Menu To … “ interaction (see the Notes after the previous post entitled “Opening Night—Part 1)--

--I just realized that a Sim can show a menu ONLY to a customer SHE HERSELF has greeted. If Genya greets someone, SHE can then show a menu to that customer, but Yulia can’t. Yulia can show the menu only to customers that she herself has greeted.

Though I’ve read a few OFB restaurant guides that advise using only tables that seat 1 Sim at a time, I always use two-tops. Occasionally, Sims who come in separately will end up dining together, making for a nice picture!


Save often (you probably already know this!)—save every time you do a successful personnel rotation (sending someone to nap or on break or home for the day or to use the Energizer, then having someone else take over the first person’s assignment, then having another person take over the second person’s assignment, etc.).

You’ll have surmised by now that not only do YOU have to multitask to get a successful OFB restaurant, but your controllable Sims ALSO have to multitask, and quite a bit. That’s why it’s fun, and a real challenge!!!

Re Rodney FINALLY opting to nap when sent on break (as opposed to stumbling around tired, and getting more tired, and interfering with the resto the way Bruce did), maybe the secret is to wait till the employee gets into orange. You’d have to catch them fast, though, before they get PO’d enough to quit!

Yulia was having real trouble with Christian today—he kept leaving his station, though he was still healthily green. She moved the flower arranging station twice, but Christian still wouldn’t work at it for more than a couple Sim minutes. She tried putting him at the podium, but he also left that after a couple Sim minutes.


Not sure what’s going on with him—think I’ll just have her send him home for the day, and hope that he (1) shows up without being asked tomorrow, and (2) performs better tomorrow.

Some Sims are just weird—Sandy Bruty, despite her high personal relationship with Yulia, and her enthusiasm for popping in to pick up mac and cheese take-out, just refuses to eat in the restaurant. Yulia greets her every time she shows up, and shows her the menu, and Sandy examines the menu but walks away with red negative signs over her head every time.

After his tent-nap, Rodney autonomously resumed his most recent assignment as Host, and as soon as he did, Yulia autonomously abandoned the station. Interesting.

Gosh—good teens are helpful!


  1. It amazes me how much your pictures look like a real restaurant with the real goings on of a restaurant.

  2. Thank you! I've never worked in one, but I DO watch a lot of the restaurant shows on Food Network....