Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Genya’s Big Decision.

Sunday morning, Yanastasia finished studying Physiology, and enthusiastically headed upstairs to resume her dance workout.


As Derek was crossing the foyer, he saw Yevgenya coming down the stairs.


‘Eeeesh,’ he thought, noticing the heavy makeup the teen was wearing.


“Can I talk to you for a minute, cupcake?,” he asked her.

‘Yeah, and don’t forget to tell her what a CLOWN she looks like!,’ thought Yana, smirking as she passed her sister.


“I admit I don’t know much about young women’s grooming,” he said, “but this looks like a little too much makeup for you. Let’s go sit down and have a talk, okay?”


“I hope this isn’t about that boy who was here last night,” her father continued. “Not that there’s anything wrong with him,” he added hastily, “but I don’t want you thinking that you have to change yourself for a boy. Or for anybody.”


“Yana wears a TON of makeup, and you’ve never said anything to HER!,” Genya countered.


“Yana’s different, sweetiepie,” he explained. “In her mind, she’s already on stage, in a hall that seats 5,000 people, and she’s probably thinking she has to be seen by the folks sitting in the last row!” He chuckled, hoping to alleviate the tension in the room.

Genya sighed. “Dad, I’ll do whatever you want,” she said, resignedly, and got to her feet.


“What I want, honey, is for you to be true to YOURSELF,” he admonished gently. “That’s all.”


“Okay, Dad.”


She trudged upstairs and toned down her makeup a bit.


Derek went outside and joined his young son at the fishing pond. ‘This is sooooo much easier than raising daughters,’ he thought.


Fortified by her knowledge of Physiology, Yana had quickly gotten her remaining 2 Body skill points,


had applied for and been granted a Body scholarship,


and had gone to play the piano her parents had gotten her in order to raise her Creativity (which was currently at Level 0).


“Come on, ‘Sports Fans’,” Genya called to her teen siblings. “Let’s go!”



Once at the studio, Yedrek gained his last 2 Body skill points as quickly as Yana had,


and went back to work as a personal trainer to the customers.



A customer who hadn’t wanted any personal training, but who had just silently worked out on the treadmill by himself, turned out to be a reviewer--


--with great results!!! Genya put her brand-new “Best of the Best” award right by the front door.


The traffic picked up in the studio and customers continued to gain stars,


and, while Genya was doing yoga, the venue reached Rank 5.


Genya took the 5th cash perk,


which was $50,000, bringing her 2-day total earnings to more than $80,000.

The teens headed home for the day.


That evening, Genya asked her parents to join her in the dining room for a serious talk.

“Mom and Dad, I want to start college early,” she announced.


“Well, THAT’S a surprise,” her mother remarked. “You’re doing so well with your dance and exercise studio!”


“Yes, but I was really interested in it just to get money for college,” she explained. “And now I HAVE money for college. And I don’t know what I want to do with my life, and I kinda feel I’m not going to figure it out around here. I really think I need to be in a different environment.”


“Does this make any sense to you?,” Derek asked his wife, incredulous.


He turned back to his daughter. “Genya, sweetheart, I hope you’re not doing this just because your sister is annoying you.”


“I think what she’s saying, Derek, is that she needs a little space, and time to focus on herself, in order to make some important decisions,” offered Yulia.


She continued. “Genya showed how mature and responsible she is by her hard work at the restaurant. And I think she’s ready for college, if she really wants to go.”

“Why do I feel you two are ganging up on me???,” Derek asked in exasperation.


The family agreed to sleep on the issue.



Thanks to twoyys4me for telling me how to put the crop top/yoga pants outfit into Everyday. (Sometimes it amazes me the things I don’t know about Sims 2!)

Yed had tried to be a personal trainer to Alvin Harris (the customer who turned out to be a reviewer), but that interaction wasn’t available. I initially thought it might be that this Sim had a very high Body skill, and didn’t need coaching (and he looked pretty competent on the treadmill), but maybe reviewers won’t accept that interaction? Not sure….

Wow—a “Best of the Best” award at only Rank 4??? I’m thinking it was the décor.

I think Genya came to realize that her father’s criticism was fair—that she WAS modifying her behavior, and second-guessing herself, in reaction to others. Not just Grayson, or her sister—she’s also judging her business success against her mother. And what Yulia wants (or, rather, what she thinks would be ideal for her daughter) is not necessarily what Genya wants.


  1. Well done with the Best of the Best Award! So soon too! I think it'll be nice for Genya to go to Uni, sometimes kids have to spread their wings.
    You're welcome for the help- I still find things (in the game and out/about it) to this day. :)

  2. I just love that exercise studio. Gorgeous!