Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Genya’s “Sort-of” Date.

While his teenagers were at the new dance studio on Saturday, Derek had a pond dug in the backyard, and spent an enjoyable morning fishing with Jasiu.


But, due to an early summer thunderstorm, the two had to go indoors.

There had been several customers relaxing in the hot springs,


but they, too, were driven indoors by the weather.


The teens came home and all settled in to spend the rainy Saturday studying. Yedrek and Yanastasia both worked on physiology, to make it easier to gain the rest of the Body points they needed for their future careers (Yed as a professional athlete, and Yana as a dancer).


Yevgenya already had 10 Body points, so was studying Cleaning. ‘Just for something to do,’ she told herself. ‘Since I still don’t know what I want to do with my life, there’s no telling what skills I’ll need.’

She got bored with reading, and invited Grayson Kimbrell over to the home venue. He hugged her when he arrived. “Wow,” he observed. “You didn’t even change out of your workout clothes?'” he asked. And sniffed. “Or shower???”


Genya was confused. “I figured, you know, we’d just hang out.”

“Oh,” he responded. “I kinda thought this might be a date.” And he went into the back room of the venue to join a smustle.


Genya followed him.

“Well,” she said cautiously, “this COULD be a date, if you want.”


The 2 teens got into the hot tub that was the farthest away from Genya’s mother.


There was an uncomfortable silence, and Grayson tried to say something upbeat. “Hey, your new dance studio is really great—congrats on that! And it’s really nice of you to do something that helps your sister out so much. Yana’s so driven, and that place will really help her get ready for college and her career.”

Genya thought about this for a minute, and didn’t know what to say.


So, she just splashed him,


and he splashed her back.


With the tension dissolved, the teens just had fun gossiping, and getting a little closer.


On the other side of the back room, Komei approached Yulia and told her he was starting his own business.

“It’s a kitchen appliance store,” he explained. “And Marisa is helping me pick out what stoves and other stuff I should stock in my inventory,” he added happily.


“Oh, so Marisa is part of the business, too?,” Yulia inquired, hopeful about a relationship. (She agreed with her husband that the 2 Fortune Sims were a good match.)


“Well, not really,” he answered with a smile. “Not yet, anyway. But we’re getting there!”


Back at the house, Yed had finished studying physiology,


and Yana had amassed enough hidden Dance skill points to get another scholarship.


The home venue reached Rank 7. “How’re you doing, hon?",” Yulia asked her husband over her shoulder.


“Well, I’m close to killing that kid who has his hands all over our daughter,” Derek fumed.


“Derek, he only has his arms around her shoulders,” Yulia said, amused.


Komei thought of getting into that hot tub, but decided against it.


“Let’s cool off in the pool,” Genya suggested.


They paddled around for a while.


Grayson looked outside in alarm. “I think one of your trees is on fire!,” he said.



“At least one of our trees is ALWAYS on fire,” Genya said calmly. “It seems to be a weird thing about the neighborhood.”

Shortly thereafter, Grayson had to get home.


“Hey, wait up!,” Genya called to him, climbing out of the pool and shaking water out of her ear.


She ran over and kissed Grayson lightly.



I was tickled to see the 5 customers in the hot springs. I had no idea there was that much enthusiasm for that feature! Of course, a thunderstorm was starting, so maybe the game was just trying to get more Sims electrocuted….

Have you ever seen this much of a slouch on a Sim???


Yulia walked down the entire staircase this way. She was a bit into the green, so not really depressed, so I just have NO idea what caused this.

Venues are fun to watch when they get to about Rank 6 or 7, and get busier. Lots of good interactions between customers.

I just LOVE the wistful look on Genya’s face when the boy she likes is extolling the virtues of her younger, glamorous, and ambitious sister.


(Sometimes you get lucky with a photo.)

I kind of expected “First Kiss” to be available for Genya and Grayson, but it didn’t wasn't—maybe they have to like each other more for that to be available?

I didn’t want to put too much pressure on this to be a Dream Date. A “You’re Nice to Be With” date is just fine for a young girl….


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  2. I forget what I was having her do, but she's Serious 0 (just because the "Playful" Sims annoy me with their time-wasting behavior--swinging on fridge doors, etc.), so every time I ask her to "Entertain" a new customer she looks at me incredulously and points to herself, seemingly asking, "Who--ME?????"

  3. I've seen sims slouch like that, especially going down (or up) stairs. Usually I've seen it happen when they're really tired...gives the sense that they're really having to drag themselves up or down the stairs to go do what I want them to do. Seems especially realistic when it's a parent having to trudge upstairs in the middle of the night to tend to a crying baby or toddler.

  4. Young love.....it was perfect. Usually first dates are not dream dates!