Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Resto Opening— Part 5.

While her mother slept and her father handled restocking, Yevgenya did the prep work for dinner. She had maxed out her enthusiasm for Cooking, and was so “in the zone” that she momentarily forgot that she was an extremely Neat Sim, and she ignored the mess on the counter next to her.


Bruce earned a Bronze badge in Sales, and Derek gave him a raise and promoted him to Manager.


Troy was getting tired, but wanted to get to Level 9 in Cleaning, so Derek assigned him to be a Server.


But Troy tired before reaching his goal, so had to take a nap.

Both Yulia and Rodney woke up in time for the dinner hour and, with Yulia at the podium, Derek as chef, Rodney as Server, and Genya as greeter, the staff started encouraging customers to dine.



The resto started to get busy.


Marisa was fully rested and resumed making take-out food.


Rodney was doing well as a Server, and received several tips.


He even got a tip from Peter Sims!


Genya was so enthusiastic that she would even run out to the sidewalk to catch people who were just walking by,


and convert them into diners.


The teen even earned a Silver badge in Sales.


‘I’m glad I don’t have to pay this kid!',’ Yulia thought.


Shelby took a nap,


and Bruce replaced her on the register,


though there were no take-out customers, because they had all been redirected to the dining room.

Yulia got on the phone and invited one of her groups over.


Rodney continued to do REALLY well in tips!



And the resto finally reached Rank 9!




It’s so much easier to run a take-out food place than a restaurant that it’s tempting just to concentrate on the former. So, I have Yulia make a serious effort every dinnertime to get as many diners as she can. Her record so far is 5 diners at one time.

Turns out Bruce is a Fortune Sim, who wants to be a Business Tycoon.

If you find a burned entrée in your display case, the easiest way to get rid of it is to turn on “moveobjects on”, do F2 and delete, and replace it with a good entrée from your owner’s inventory.

When Genya ran out to the sidewalk and convinced Officer Demi Love to have a look at the menu, the teen had no assignment. I was just having her greet people and then show the menu to them. I didn’t know that this could result in Sales badge points, but happily it does!

It may seem like having your Sim invite her Groups over “Just for Fun” is a good idea—but it’s usually not. Your Sim will sit down with her group members, and there’s NOTHING you can do to X her out of it. She goes into “Auto-Dining” till she decides she’s done!


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  1. Rank 9 already! That's amazing, you are doing great, I love the takeout idea and it seems to be paying off for you.